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Conference publications

Poster presentation by DLR at idHea, May 2014: Solar integrated pressurized high temperature electrolysis

Presentation by CEA at WHEC, June 2014: Stack performances in high temperature steam electrolysis and co-electrolysis

Presentation by EPFL at TFESC, August 2015: Modeling and optimization of a multi-tubular solar receiver for solar-driven high temperature electrolysis

Public deliverables

System Requirements Document

Public summary of report on most suitable schemes for solar energy integration


A. Houaijia, M. Roeb, N. Monnerie, D.Thomey, S. Breuer, J. Säck, C. Sattler
Solar heat and power for a SOE process
Proceedings of 11th European SOFC and SOE forum, 1st-4th July 2014, Lucerne, Switzerland

N. Monnerie, A. Houaijia, M. Roeb, C. Sattler
Methane Production via High Temperature Steam Electrolyser from Renewable Wind
Energy: A German Study
Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 2015, 5, 70-80

J. Laurencin, M. Hubert, K. Couturier, T. Le Bihan, P. Cloetens, F. Lefebvre-Joud, E. Siebert
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Electrochimica Acta, 174 (2015) 1299-1316.

L. Bernadet, G. Gousseau, A. Chatroux, J. Laurencin, F. Mauvy, M. Reytier
Influence of pressure on solid oxide electrolysis cells investigated by experimental and modeling approach
Int. J. of Hydrogen Energy, 40 (2015) 12918-12928.

M. Hubert, J. Laurencin, P. Cloetens, K. Couturier, F. Lefebvre-Joud, P. Bleuet, E. Siebert,
Understanding the Operating Mechanisms of Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductors: From synchrotron-Based 3D  reconstruction to Electrochemical Characterization and Modeling
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L. Bernadet, G. Gousseau, A. Chatroux, J. Laurencin, F. Mauvy, M. Reytier
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ECS Transactions, 68 (1) 3369-3378 (2015)